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Gran Caffe' Vuotto is a web store owned by My Italian Shopping and Raffaele Vuotto.

Gran Caffe' Vuotto Store strives to deliver the exquisite flavors of the enchanting Island of Capri to your doorstep. Capri is known as one of the most prestigious vacation destinations in world, treasured for its unique lifestyle which attracts and inspires many international visitors.  We invite you to indulge yourself in a taste of the Island experience.

The original "Gran Caffe' Vuotto" is located in the most central piazza on the Island and ranks among the most important historic coffee housesof Italy including,  The "Caffe' Florian" in Venice, the "Caffe Motta" in Milan, and the "Caffe' Greco" in Rome.  Due to its central location and international clientele, The Gran Caffe' Vuotto is often called  "Il salotto del mondo," which means "The living room of the world".  A visit to the Caffe is an essential part of experiencing the culture and beauty of the Island.

The Gran Caffe' Vuotto was founded in 1938, when Raffaele Vuotto visualized the possibilities of placing tables and chairs on the main square of Capri, the "Piazzetta,". The new coffee bar was a tremendous success.   His son Costanzo, who continued the family's tradition of fine hospitality to Island residents and guests, soon joined Raffaele. Patrons enjoyed exquisite coffees and other specialties that became synonymous with the unique local lifestyle and stunning natural surroundings.

Since its opening in 1938, the Gran Caffe' Vuotto has occupied center stage for the world's jet set, providing guests with the opportunity to watch international celebrities.  It is the place to "see and be seen"; hosting movie stars, company executives, scientists, cultural icons, statesmen, and world leaders; everyone savoring the Island experience.

Costanzo Vuotto and Raffaele Vuotto, Jr.  have brought the family tradition of hospitality to the U.S. by bringing the Gran Caffe' Vuotto to the Web.  Now US customers have the opportunity to experience the unique flavors of the Island without leaving the comfort of their home. Benevenuto!

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